Social Media – 5 Simple Rules

Social Media – 5 Simple Rules

A customer recently asked us, “As you know, social media is a big priority for first half of this year (2014). Working on the plan now. Would love any thoughts you’d like to share?…”

Like most companies getting on board with Social Media, what they were actually asking was, “We’ve set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, what advice can you give us to make them become massively successful and drive sales?”.

So, for the beginners out there, we have put together these 5 simple rules about social media based purely on our own experience and other advice we have gleaned over the years.

  • 1)  Nobody gives a damn what your company has to say!
    Sorry, it’s true. People aren’t following you to hear your latest corporate waffle.
  • 2)  Your company will run out of things to say.
    Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday soon…it will happen.
  • 3)  Don’t be bossy.
    The flow of information can, and indeed should, freely and easily move both ways.
  • 4)  If you’re going to create content make it entertaining, engaging or useful.
    Make videos, blog posts, how-to-guides, images, photography, infographics, podcasts… anything produced via any media that isn’t a simple press release or mission statement, that is then circulated around the internet and hopefully shared by the fans or followers of your brand.
  • 5)  Don’t cheat.
    Want 1,000 Facebook likes for $20 or 500 Twitter followers for $10? Why not? Make us look popular from the off doesn’t it? Yes that’s all fine and dandy but you’ll likely be breaking the Terms of Use you agreed to when you signed up and risk your account being suspended in the future. Want to explain that one to the boss?

Obviously these are only 5 simple little rules. There are many, many other ways to find success but hopefully, with these points in mind, your initial task should be a little easier. Good luck!