McLaren Police Car – 99% Marketing Genius

Anyone thinking about speeding in the Warwickshire area…think again!

Down the road from us here in Warwick is one of the few UK McLaren Cars dealerships and going past on foot or in the car is always an event, whether it’s to see Ayrton Senna’s 1993 MP4/8 McLaren Formula 1 race car or a glimpse of an McLaren F1 or P1, but this morning I had to stop to photograph what was in the window…a McLaren 12c cop car!

This isn’t the first time a supercar manufacturer has teamed up with a police force to showcase its products wearing blues & twos. Lotus did it with an Esprit a couple of decades ago and more recently the Italians did it with a Lamborghini Gallardo.

So why do I say that it’s only 99% genius? Well, because there’s always a 1% chance that the marketing campaign will fail completely when the wrong driver get behind the wheel, as Lamborghini found out…ouch!